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FAA 333 exempt, COA, and part 107 certified motion picture and television drone services

Beverly Hills Aerials is a fully licensed, insured FAA 333 exempt, part 61 and 107 day/night certificate holding aerial cinematography company. We excel in filming closed motion picture and television sets creating dynamic, highly difficult aerial drone shots with superior precision.

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Our Work

We take pride in executing never before accomplished shots to help you create commercials, movies, portfolios, promotional videos, advertisements and sizzle reels with Hollywood perfection by adding an eye from the sky view to contextually set your scene. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can count on us to get your shot right the first time

Commercials / Reels

Professional Drone Services

Our heavy lifters can carry alexa minis, reds, gh4’s and any other camera you request. We can also use a inspire pro for a reduced cost. Currently our most popular professional grade set up is a Inspire X5R which shoots in cinema dng raw.

We operate with a Film LA approved 2 million dollar drone insurance policy, FAA Exemption (#16490), and our drone operators are licensed FAA pilots. Need to get your permits approved quick? Count on our experience to get you an approval in 1-4 days.

Drone Clients

Our Clients

We invite you to contact us to inquire for drone pricing, scheduling and general questions.

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